2017 - 2018 Field Day

        Field Day 2018


  • Teachers will initial each of their students water bottle caps and distribute to students.

  • Do not damage or destroy your water (you only get 1!)

  • Total of 15 different stations

  • Each class will have time to visit the fire truck and also dunk a teacher at the dunk tank at a designated time.(3 throws for $1)

  •  An air horn will signal it is time to start your station; an air horn will sound when it is also time to switch to the next station.

  • Never leave your group unless you have a teacher’s permission.

  • Students have field day shirts on and they CANNOT be altered in any way

  • Field day will be from 9 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Helpful Field Day Tips


     Following are some items that you may want to consider sending with your child on field day:

Sunscreen – Some field days have been very warm and sunny, and as we will be outside all day, sunscreen can be very important.

Water Bottle – Students do have some time for drinks and restroom, but a water bottle can be convenient, as long as they are used appropriately. Students will also be provided a water bottle by their teacher for the day.

Money – Students may have a chance to buy concessions and purchase legacy gear if available.

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