Legacy Academy of Excellence

Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School is located at 4029 Prairie Road. It is situated in a wonderful rural setting, while still in Rockford. Next to the school grounds is Evergreen School Park, with a ball diamond and playground equipment.

Phone number = 815-961-1100. Fax number = 815-968-4597.

  • 8:20 AM - Office Opens | Doors open to students
  • 8:20 AM – 8:40 AM | Breakfast in Cafeteria
  • 8:40 AM - Pledge of Allegiance | Class begins
  • 12:00-12:30- K- 5th lunch
  • 12:44- 1:14 6th-10th lunch
  • 3:50 - School Dismissal
  • 4:20 – Office Closes


The mission of Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School is to instill a lifelong passion for learning within all its students while ensuring that all learners, including those considered to be “at risk” regardless of economic and social background, succeed academically and become contributing citizens of a global society.  This will be accomplished by: 

I. Recognizing each child’s unique abilities and talents and using these assets as the foundation for academic development and individual growth.  Instructional strategies and assessments of continuous progress will be tailored to help individual students grow and develop using standards that reflect excellence and require mastery.

II. Employing a well-structured, rigorous K through 12th grade curriculum that incorporates both the Core Knowledge and Direct Instruction reform models. 

These models will be integrated into a comprehensive program of established best practices in learning and teaching in order to develop and nurture within each child:

A) The competence and passion for lifelong learning;

B) Increased levels of academic performance and personal achievement required for success in the new millennium, including the ability to engage in critical and creative thinking and problem solving;

C) A balanced cultural perspective consistent with a diverse community and global economy, and;

D) A sense of self-worth based on achievement

III. Requiring the accountability of staff, students, family, and community in the attainment of Legacy Charter School’s mission.  For families, students, and staff this includes commitment to the policies, procedures and rules of the Academy as evidenced by concurrence with a written accountability agreement.

IV. Finally, it is the belief of the founders that systematic thinking coupled with the use of a systems model will allow the maintenance of effective connections among the various functions and operating elements.  The founders subscribe to the systems model from Cordell and Waters (1993) which defines the 3 domains of school systems:

  • Technical Domain
    • Standards
    • Curriculum
    • Instruction
    • Assessments
  • Personal Domain
    • Professional Development
    • Leadership & Supervision
    • Internal Communication
    • Climate and Culture
  • Organizational Domain
    • External Environment
    • Stakeholders
    • Resource Allocation
    • Technology
    • Accountability

Aligning the elements of each domain into a coherent, functional system will operationalize the attainment of Legacy’s mission, vision, and fundamental goals. 


The Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School opened in the fall of 2009, serving approximately 250 Rockford students in grades K - 5. Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School will continue to expand by a grade per year through grade 12, adding 50 – 100 students per year. When fully developed, Legacy Charter School will reach a maximum capacity, not to exceed 1300 students and provide a comprehensive program specifically designed to develop the whole child.  The overarching goals of the Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School are to:


  1. Demonstrate the heights of academic achievement that all students, including those considered to be “at risk” can routinely attain when Legacy Charter School’s governance is combined with ambitious academic standards and increased parent involvement
  2. Offer Rockford families rich new choices in public education within the city
  3. Create new professional settings for teachers where ongoing training and support is provided and success is defined solely by student achievement and parent satisfaction
  4. Prepare students to think critically, argue effectively and use technology appropriately in education while developing a commitment to social and environmental causes
  5. Educate students to live purposeful lives through self-reflection, self-direction and self-expression; fully recognizing the potential in themselves and others


Guiding Principles

Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School will be founded and operated based on six guiding principles, principles that the founders call the 6 R’s: 

Rigor; Relevance; Respect; Relationships; Responsibility; Resilience.


Rigor–Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School will provide a rigorous curriculum based on mastery of the foundational skills in reading, writing and math and then progressing to more advanced instruction and application of skills and concepts in all of the content areas.  The climate and culture of Legacy will nurture and develop both staff and students to the degree that they will welcome intellectual growth.


Relevance-The most powerful sources for curriculum are the concerns of students about themselves and about social issues. At Legacy Academy we will make every effort to connect coursework to community, and to have students put theory into practice in the real world.


Respect-At Legacy Academy we will strive to teach students first to respect themselves.  We will teach them that they each possess greatness and they were put here on earth to make a very unique contribution. We believe that when students respect and value themselves, then and only then will they be able to respect and value others.


Relationships-At Legacy Academy we will strive to develop a cohesive school community and extended family for every student.  We will do this by fostering relationships within and beyond the four walls of our school building and always demonstrating the interconnectedness of every human being.


Responsibility-We want students at Legacy Academy to take responsibility for their actions at all times, understanding that they have the ability to control their destiny simply by the choices they do or do not make.


Resilience- Most importantly we want the students at Legacy Academy to know that failure is not an option when hard work prevails.  We learn and grow from our failures and use them as information that will increase our knowledge and deepen our wisdom; thereby assuring that we will make better and more informed decisions.


The Guiding Principles are embedded in all of LAE’s policies and are explicitly expressed throughout its Charter. Therefore, as an expression of the guiding principles Legacy adopted the ten Character Virtues (Randy Sprick). The Character Virtues are integral components of the curriculum and are infused in every aspect of the school. The Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program is a very beneficial enhancement to LAE’s Character Virtues and is consistent with its Guiding Principles.


Legacy Character Education Program:

The 10 Character Virtues and the IB Learner Profile are taught and infused into all aspects of the instructional day.

Legacy Character Virtues

The IB Learner Profile









True Friendship→



Open Minded










For more information click here for our parent/student handbook and discipline code.

Legacy Academy of Excellence
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